Self-Administered Innova Rapid Antigen Test Instruction for Use (IFU)

Instruction for Use (IFU)

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Quick Reference Instructions

01 Blow nose and clean hands.

02 Open the test kit and check the components.

a. Swab
b. Extraction Solution Tube
c. Sachet
d. Test Cartridge
e. Waste bag
f. Tube holder

03 Carefully twist or snap to open the sachet.

04 Gently squeeze all the liquid from the sachet into the extraction tube.

05 Place the extract tube on the tube holder.

06 Peel open the swab package and gently take out the swab.

07 Collect nasal sample.

8a. Put the fabric tip of swab gently into one nostril until you feel a slight resistance (about 2.5cm (1 inch) up your nose)
8b. Roll swab firmly against the nostril inside wall for 10 complete circles.
8c. Using the same swab, repeat step 8b in opposite nostril.

08 Place the swab into the extraction tube and submerge the swab tip in the liquid, firmly press the swab head against the wall of the tube while rotating the swab for 10 seconds.

09 Remove swab by rotating against the extraction tube while squeezing the sides of the tube to release the liquid from the swab.

10 Close the cap on the extraction tube tightly to avoid any leaks. Place the extraction tube on the tube holder.

11 Open the cartridge foil pack and place test cartridge onto a flat surface.

12 Drip 2 drops of liquid from the extraction tube into the sample well of the test cartridge and start the timer.

13 Wait for 20 mins to read result. The results should not be read after 30 mins.


Read your result:

Do not leave test to develop for longer than 30 minutes, as this will make the result invalid.

Negative result

One line next to C indicates the test is negative.

Positive result

Two lines, one next to C and one next to T, even faint lines indicate the test is positive.

Invalid result

No line next to C indicates the test is invalid.