May 21, 2021

Our Locations

Our Locations

MPS Medical, Inc.

A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Innova Medical Group

Located in Brea California, we develop and manufacture medical devices to advance healthcare across multiple areas of care including infusion therapy, cell therapy manufacturing, sterile compounding, and in-home pharmacy, as well as OEM services


Biological Laboratory, Inc (BIOLAB), an accredited clinical laboratory, has been servicing the healthcare community since 1998. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, BIOLAB expanded testing throughout the United States covering the full spectrum of COVID-19 detection with services ranging from antibodies, antigen, and RT-PCR testing to keep communities safe.

Pacific PPE corporation (3PE)

Pacific PPE corporation (3PE) is dedicated to providing high quality personal protective equipment to help save lives including N95 particulate respirators.