August 5, 2022

As Part of Its Global Growth Strategy and Expansion of Its Product Suite, Innova Medical Group Names Robert Kasprzak Chief Executive Officer

Pasadena, CA, July 27, 2022 – Innova Medical Group, Inc., a global health innovator and a world leader in the development and distribution of rapid diagnostic tests and other medical devices, announced today the appointment of Robert A. Kasprzak as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, following his role Chief Legal Officer since the company’s inception.

Kasprzak, a co-founder of Innova, has been a key member of the company’s leadership team and has played a pivotal role driving commercial growth and expanding investments into disruptive healthcare technologies.

“As a proven leader of and contributor to the Innova team, Robert was well positioned to take the company forward in its next phase of growth.  His experience as a business-minded attorney gives him the ability to align the importance of the company’s legal and regulatory obligations with the global expansion and commercialization of our full array of product offerings,” said Sean Rogers, chairman of Innova.

Between the success Innova Medical Group has experienced commercially and the investments it has made into disruptive technologies of the future, the company has secured a solid base from which to grow during Kasprzak’s tenure.

“We’ve built world-class teams that have surged us to quickly become an industry leader in the global market,” said Kasprzak. “From our tenacious sales and marketing team, our robust regulatory, clinical and compliance team, our unrivaled logistics and operations teams, to our business development team that keeps discovering investment, partnership, and acquisition opportunities in innovative products and technologies that can add exponential value and synergies to our existing product portfolio, I’m proud to lead this team as CEO and know the future is absolutely bright for us.”

About Innova Medical Group

Innova Medical Group is a global health screening and diagnostic innovator driven to dramatically improve health outcomes worldwide with equitable, high-value testing solutions. Our strategic and iterative approach enables us to create, build, deploy, and distribute a wide array of accessible tests customized to meet and empower the user at their respective point of need.